Review of : Scam or legit ?

Posted on is a URL Shortener website that pays up to $4 per 1000 Views. URL Shortening website enables you to earn free money online when you use them to shorten long URLs.

Minimum Payout:  $5

Payout Frequency: monthly

Payout Frequency: PayPal, Paytm [India], Bank Transfer [India],  GPAY, UPI

Referral Bonus: 10% Referral Bonus

This is what it says on website:

Why Choose ClickyFly

No Click Manipulation
We never Stop/Maipulate/Spoof our partner’s clicks count like what others do.

Easy Shortlink Pages
We provide easy shortlink pages so that your visitos can easily visit download/destination link.

We will never scam our partners like others, We have a Professional team that can easily solve any problems easily.


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