New platform goes live with daily super airdrop 101% persistent and legal

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Benefit ①:A single top-up of 1000trx or more will receive a 5% bonus on the top-up amount (the more you top-up the more you get back.)

Benefit ②: Top-up transferred to the base account to activate the account status, the smart contract miner starts running mining and participates in the purchase of cloud arithmetic; 86,400 seconds of arithmetic are mined every day to generate cloud mining
Revenue. Income is permanent and has no expiry date. The minimum investment amount is 5TRX and the investment income is as follows.

1、A cumulative top-up of 5TRX-49,999TRX, 6% daily earnings, 3% withdrawal

2、A cumulative top-up of 50,000TRX-499,999TRX, 7% daily earnings, 3.5% withdrawal

3、A cumulative top-up of 500000TRX or above, daily earnings 8%, withdrawal 4.2%

Benefit ③: Top-ups transferred to commission account to participate in regular financial products; principal and earnings will be collected together after maturity [Please note: earnings from regular financial products are not collected every day and must be
Settlement together] The minimum investment amount is 100TRX and the investment returns are as follows.

1.2% per day for a 3 day fixed term investment

1.5% per day for a 7 day fixed term investment

1.8% per day on a 15-day fixed term investment

2.6% per day for a 30-day fixed term

3.2% per day on a 60-day fixed term

4% per day on a 90-day fixed term

6% per day on a 120-day fixed term investment

Daily return of 9% for 180-day fixed term investment

Benefit ④: Invite your friends to invest and get 12%, 4% and 2% referral bonus rebates (rebates are as follows)

You refer A to invest 1000TRX, you will get 100TRX

A referral B invest 1000TRX, you will get 50TRX

B refer C to invest 1000TRX, you will get 30TRX

Benefit ⑤: Invite your friends to invest to get 10%, 5%, 3% three levels of income bonus rebate (rebate as follows)

You recommend A to invest 1000TRX, you will get 10% of the daily earnings of 60TRX of A’s investment amount, i.e. 6TRX

A refers B to invest 1000TRX, you will get B investment amount of daily earnings of 60TRX 5% dividend that is 3TRX

If B recommends C to invest 1000TRX, you will receive 3% of C’s daily return of 60TRX, i.e. 1.8TRX

Benefit 6: Participate in the daily airdrop activity tasks, complete to get the task commission (task is simple, easy to operate, commission in seconds to account)

1: “Daily Airdrop Activity” is a daily activity to increase the visibility and activity of the platform. Based on the 24-hour Tokyo time system, the daily airdrop task activity starts at 00:00 Tokyo time.
The daily airdrop campaign is updated at 00:00:00 Tokyo time and opens at 12:00:00.

2: After accepting a task, members will be randomly sent airdrop tasks by the system and will receive a commission on the principal amount of the task for each series of tasks completed, with a minimum commission of around 10%.

3: Members can only participate in one airdrop mission per day and must have a deposit of over 100TRX in their basic account. members have the option to choose whether or not to participate in the campaign. The campaign is based on the member’s
The duration of the task is about 1-3 minutes and the commission will be credited 1-3 minutes after the task is completed.

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