Hedron and Icosa explained. Is this how to pump your Hex returns?

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Hedron and Icosa is a platform built for Hex and more. In this interview, I interview the founder Alex to learn how this works.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Who is the founder of Hedron
1:48 What is Hedron?
2:30 How does the Hedron encapsulation work?
3:30 How to borrow against Hex and Hedron?
4:12 Hex and Hedron’s difference
5:00 The competitors to Hedron
6:00 Do I lose my Hex when I gain Hedron?
7:01 Hedron example
8:00 How does Hex give me Hedron?
9:15 Open Sea and Hedron
9:56 Why wouldn’t use Hedron
11:00 What is the risk of using Hedron?
13:40: How to extract value out of Hedron
17:00 Minting vs borrowing Hedron
17:50 Richard Heart and Hedron
20:50 Hedron’s token metrics
22:48 Hedron price prediction
23:00 Where can I buy Hedron?
24:00 What is Icosa?
26:00 The Hedron Icosa relationship
27:40 How to get free Hedron and Icosa from Hex
30:20 Icosa vs Hex Chart
32:48 Hex, Hedron and Icosa history
34:14 Hex price forecast
35:45 Could Hex reach $1000?
38:22 Hedron token metrics
38:33 Who built Hedron and Icosa?
39:00 Is Hedron a scam or rug pull?
40:32 The Hedron website explained
41:20 The Icosa website explained
46:00 How do I sell Hedron and Icosa?
46:20 What happens when Pulse (PLS) launches?
48:40 Will the Ethereum merge effect Hedron, Icosa, Hex or Pulse?
50:10 What will happen with the Ethereum Merge?

Hedron and Icosa Links


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