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BitBinary is a trading platform for binary options, offering its users the chance to earn money automatically on the cryptocurrency market with a yield of up to 3% per day. In this overview, we will cover all the company specifics, as well as the features of cooperation with it.

Information about

The investment asset called Bit Binary was launched on July 15, 2020. This is the date when publishes the news about the launch of the platform. The fund’s launch was as smooth as possible and in the first months, it worked without advertising. Judging by all indications, the platform is primarily oriented at the Asian market, but the presence of a language menu indicates that the website is planned to be translated into different languages, which means that the administration plans a global international promotion.

The website has been developed with sufficient quality, convenient functionality, and a nice up-to-date design. On the service’s pages, you can find a rather detailed description of the fund’s activities and the opportunities offered to investors. We should also mention the quality of platform development as it has a lot of links to social networks, high-quality video presentations, and many information sections filled with qualitative information.

BitBinary has legal registration in Hong Kong, which is a rather rare jurisdiction for high-yield projects. All documents confirming the company’s legalization are publicly available on the fund’s website. According to the information on the website, the company conducts its business in the market of cryptocurrency trading and offers its customers the opportunity to get high passive income. The project team consists of professional traders and developers who create new technological solutions for binary trading.

Investment conditions on Bitbinary

As it was mentioned earlier in this review, the BitBinary investment platform provides its customers with an opportunity to passively earn on trading bots rent. There are in total 9 robots with different prices that directly affect the daily yield. What unites all current tariffs is that the investment will be in operation within one calendar year. Meanwhile, the bot rental can be terminated ahead of schedule after a certain period which is different for each of the bots. If you terminate the bot work early, the project will return your investment in full.

Trading bots

  • Yield: from 0.3% to 3% daily
  • Investment period: 365 days
  • The cost of renting a bot: from $20
  • Breakeven: from 334 days
  • Possibility of early deposit withdrawal: in 90-250 days
  • Profit size: from 109.5% to 1095%

Marketing features:

  • Limits on the deposit amount: from 20$.
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Dogecoin.
  • Conversion of cryptocurrency into dollars: not available.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 BTC.
  • Profit withdrawal: manual, after the request is checked by the administration.

Affiliate program

According to the terms and conditions of the project’s affiliate program, users are paid 7%-2%-1% of the investments made by referrals who invest in the purchase of trading bots. Besides, you will be paid a profit from the earnings of your invited partner in binary trading. Your earnings will amount to 40%, 30%, and 20% of his/her monthly earnings.

The important feature of the affiliate program is that you can become its member without any personal investments. There are no additional conditions to get profit from attracting referrals. All you need to do is to log in to and copy the unique affiliate link. Distributing the link to the target investor audience will allow you to create your structure, which will generate passive income.

Signing up on the website

Any interested investor can join cooperation with the project easily and fast. Website registration takes a minimum amount of your time.

First, go to the official website and use the “Registration” button in the upper right corner.

bitbinary screenshot 1 1

You will need to sequentially fill in the fields in the registration form and enter your login, e-mail address, full name, and password, as well as enter the captcha (code from the picture). The last thing you need to do is to accept the project rules and click “Open an account for free”.

bitbinary screenshot 2

Once you have filled in the form, you will receive a message about the successful completion of registration. Next, you will be automatically redirected to your personal cabinet, where you can use the “Buy bot” button on the homepage to buy the bot and start investing.

bitbinary screenshot 3

Then you will need to fill in a short form to specify the payment system used to create a deposit, as well as the deposit amount. Lastly, click on “Get an address for payment”, after which you will be given a cryptocurrency address to which you want the desired amount to be transferred.

bitbinary screenshot 4

You can submit a request for profit withdrawal at any time, as soon as your balance will be at least 0.001 BTS. Go to the “Withdraw” section, where you should specify the payment system, and then enter the withdrawal amount and the cryptocurrency address to send the coins.


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