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Investing in highly profitable projects becomes more and more popular every year. It’s all because of the fact that HYIPs let everyone get stable passive profit. Of course, participation in HYIPs carries risks, and often those risks can be really high. At the same time no other instrument will bring you such a high profit as HYIPs do.
A large number of new projects are launched every day and it can be difficult to choose the stable one. Each of them offers different interest rates, terms, deposit amounts. But first of all you need to check the promising new projects that have just launched.

What is HYIP?

By the term “HYIP” we mean an investment project with a high percentage of profitability. Such funds pay profit much higher than the banks and can easily bring not only 100% per year, but also per month. First HYIPs appeared a long time ago, and thanks to the Internet they have a new life today.

HYIP projects are often compared to financial pyramids, since most of them work according to the same scheme: the deposits of some investors are used to pay profits to others. About 99% of HYIPs do not conduct any real activity.

The name “HYIP” comes from the English “High Yield Investment Program”. Due to the incredibly high percentage of profits, such projects are not able to work indefinitely and, as a rule, exist for a limited period.

Any high-profitable fund sooner or later becomes bankrupt, so, in any case, there will always be those who have suffered losses. Nevertheless, one can single out projects with higher risks for investors, as well as those that can bring profit with a greater probability.

The varieties of HYIP projects

To find the best investment tool for yourself and determine the best HYIP projects in 2021, you first need to understand what these funds are and what features are characteristic of different types of HYIPs. The traditional classification distinguishes the following types of projects:

  • High-returners. These are HYIPs with a yield of over 61% per month. As a rule, such funds are established for a short investment period, therefore they are also called “fast”. High-returners are among the most risky projects that look very attractive to investors, but such marketing creates a heavy financial burden on the cashier. This is the reason for their fragility.
  • Average-interest projects. Investors also call them “middle rate” for the fact that they bring an average percentage of profit in the amount of 16% to 60% per month. These are the most balanced projects that have reduced risks, but at the same time bring a good percentage of profit. Due to the fact that they offer much less than fast HYIPs, the average-interest projects have the opportunity to work for a relatively long time. The best HYIP projects of 2021 offer, as a rule, just average profitability, and such marketing has proven itself well in practice.
  • Low-interest projects. These are HYIPs with profitability of up to 15% per month. Such projects are most often designed for long-term investments. That’s why they are also called “longers”. Investors with solid deposits who do not rush to earn much money and want to work with minimal risks prefer low-interest HYIPs.

As you can see, funds are different and suitable for various amounts and investment strategies. In addition to this classification, HYIPs may differ in other parameters. For example, they can differ by the type of payments:

  • Manual withdrawal is a type of payment, when money is withdrawn after request and according to certain rules. The delay can be from several hours to several days. The terms in each HYIP are different and set by administration. For investors, manual withdrawal is not the best option, as sometimes it takes a long time to wait for a profit. For the project founder, on the contrary, manual withdrawal is a good opportunity to keep money on the balance and regulate its outflow. Some years before low-interest or middle-interest projects were launched with manual payments. But now most HYIPs, including high-interest ones, function with such terms.
  • Instant withdrawal obligates investors, as in the previous case, to submit an application, but it will be processed instantly. This is the optimal type of payments for both investors and admins, which is quite common in the HYIP industry.
  • Automatic payments imply an immediate accrual of interest to the investor’s wallet. The participant doesn’t need to create applications and wait. So you can make a deposit and safely forget about it, because all accruals will be fulfilled automatically. Recently, automatic withdrawal is not a widespread option, although it is very appealing to depositors. Often, an administration is not interested in quick cash-outs so they call automatic withdrawal unsafe.

Various classifications of funds do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of how to calculate the best HYIP projects of 2021. The program may look very attractive and offer great interest, that accrues to the investor’s wallet, but unfortunately, this does not confirm its prospects. Even funds that look very reliable and are designed as low-interest projects can stop working very quickly, leaving depositors with serious losses.

A whole list of reasons that can provoke such a negative outcome:

  • Technical malfunctions or DDoS attacks on the website;
  • Problems with payment systems (blocking a wallet or scam);
  • Hacking and robbing of the project;
  • Not enough experience in project management;
  • Unwillingness to work and focus on quick fundraising.

There is no way to work with HYIPs without scams. They happen with both beginners and experienced investors. To reduce their probability, you should carefully select projects in your portfolio and analyze their prospects. You need not only to understand the whole essence of HYIPs, but also to know which investment strategy to use in a particular fund.

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