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DASHOFFER.COM offers 2 types of advertising services: placement of your project in the “Best HYIPs Or Other Offer” unit and banners.

To apply for placement of your project in the “Best HYIPs Or Other Offer” unit you need to contact us.

To purchase banners, please read our terms and if you accept them, use the payment form below.

1. You may add any number of banners to your order.

2. Discounts are provided for simultaneous payment of 2, 3, 4, 5 or more banners. The amount of discounts may vary depending on the occupancy of the banner places.

3. Banners will be placed automatically, immediately after receiving confirmation from the payment system about successful payment.

4. If the advertised site changes or fails to fulfill its obligations (for example, the termination of payments confirmed by the clients of the project), the banner is removed without a refund.

5. It is forbidden to add advertisements to web resources promoting violence, adult content, information about hacking, information or sale of drugs or other psychotropic substances, with obscene language or offensive language, including on racial, gender or religious grounds, etc.

Such advertisements will be removed immediately with no refund.

6. If the advertised site has an affiliate program, then our affiliate link will be installed for banner clicking.

7. All banners are paid for a period of 1 month.